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Pen Active Stylus

The pen active stylus is a new pen style pen for the inspiron 13 and 15 2-in-1 touchscreen models. This pen has a new pen style barrel and clip that makes it easy to take with you anywhere. The pen also features a new pen style button and end. This pen is made with silver material for durability and easytons.

Discount Pen Active Stylus Price

The pen active stylus is a new dell pn557w active pen that is ship free. It is a great pen for writing or drawing. It has a light that goes out when it is not being used and a battery that will last for hours. It has a 1. 8in display with a non- islands option and a single-reel stylus.
the pen active stylus is a style of stylus pen that uses the apple ipad active pencil as its point of reference. It is compatible with apple ipad devices that have the apple ipad active pencil. The pen active stylus does not use the apple ipad, and can be used with any stylus that accepts points, including the apple ipad. The pen active stylus is designed to be as fast as possible so that you can write or work on your ipad with it. Ipad and kindle fire that relies on energy from the user's battery to work. The stylus has a fine point for drawing and writing and is made from high quality materials that will make you writing and drawing hands-on.